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Lee also told reporters that she has commissioned a local lawyer to sue Sanlu Group, fake gucci belt sue for damages, and to ask after the Sanlu Group bankruptcy further litigation rights reserved. Links for reparations program highlights what the corporate responsibility to give a one-time cash compensation diagnosed in children, funded the establishment of a compensation fund, government-funded compensation ...... Despite the lack of transparency, matter and other issues, but public policy experts and human rights lawyers group opinion , has announced Sanlu compensation scheme also has its own highlights, the biggest bright spot is to the credit of the State to the victims reveal all the details, the Sanlu bankruptcy and liability completely isolated.
Some experts told reporters that the program is in fact blocked because of the current judicial system can not provide a better channel for compensation of victims background, at the national level can give the victims better remedy for such great quality accident, judicial intervention is certainly necessary, but if only stubborn judicial settlement, obviously difficult to hold up such a heavy situation. Especially in the case of Sanlu has entered bankruptcy liquidation proceedings, it must compensate the victim's isolation from Sanlu bankruptcy proceedings out, in the form of State responsibility to stabilize the victim mood, which is the practice in many countries handle the same event. Therefore, the introduction of the program, actually means in front of a large mass accidents, timely government intervention to break the interests of the game, set up defense mechanisms, government and corporate responsibility finally showed the compensation scheme to repair the battered public trust, the victim compensation for those who start toward a more optimistic direction of evolution.
Obviously, the Cheap Gucci Belts Spring Festival has become a public concern public event, a small Spring Festival train ticket, but it is the perspective of people's livelihood big topic. January 14, President Hu Jintao made on the information about the Spring Festival train ticket Difficulty important instructions, known as the Spring Festival this year is very serious contradiction between supply and demand, and asked the Ministry of Railways to use their brains, researchers take a number of convenient and beneficial measures, and announced to the public, in order to resolve conflicts, to ensure the successful completion of the task the spring. Needless to say, a significant impact has been difficult to buy tickets far beyond even the railway transport sector, and the evolution of the overall national shock spring plight and problems of governance, emergency response capacity and order of life formed a great challenge. Spring Festival tickets difficult year for many reasons behind its undoubtedly we need to reflect on afterwards.