the management system the management system

Therefore, we believe that the most reasonable system option is to management center of housing accumulation fund transformation into the housing bank, the pattern of policy Banks be included in the mainstream financial institutions supervision system, under the supervision of the banking regulatory commission, at the same time, broaden its business investment channels, solve the problem of fund precipitation. Specific idea is: housing development bank is the public accumulation fund for housing construction is the only source of money the state policy Banks, exercise state common reserve fund administrative function, given by the method of the establishment of housing development bank head office, responsible for supervision and capital within the policy guidance to adjust between the cities, cities will be 20% of the fund balance turned over to the head office as the redemption reserve, capital city of low utilization rate, save more money on visual situation;
In honour of the headquarters of the reserve deposit funds for the loan funds to adjust, and make full use of precipitation around the capital. Housing development bank is the policy financial institutions, financial enterprise with independent legal person status. So, according to the regulation mode of regulation, according to the bank's investment in the investment model of can completely avoid the current funding restrictions precipitation on the one hand, on the one hand, frequent occurrence of major cases, the management system of capital safety not guaranteed.
 In establishing the housing bank at the same time, it should be at the system level to improve the legislative level, the present regulations on the management of housing accumulation fund has clearly not fit for the management of more than $20000 of capital, must speed up the pace of the housing accumulation fund law legislation. And in law to make clear the property of the public accumulation fund for housing construction, avoid the relevant departments on the use of the huge amount of money to run wide adjustable. In particular, we see the ministry of construction recently declared to take advantage of public accumulation fund for housing construction of low-rent housing, all this completely regardless of the property rights of the public accumulation fund for housing construction belongs to the administrative behavior of individual citizens, or due to no legal protection on root.
Is in accordance with the regulations on the management of housing accumulation fund, worker individual capture puts housing accumulation fund and the worker place unit for worker pay puts housing accumulation fund, all belong to the individual, fake gucci belt to completely belong to personal property, as a mandate or as a nanny, housing accumulation fund management center has what right to build low-cost housing, and method and could not say the past. Solve the problem of precipitation funds must be on the premise of respect for property rights of individual citizens, this is already that wealth and the rule of law civilization, we propose that the housing bank was formed after the national special national debt issuance of low-rent housing construction, housing bank by buying special bonds in the form of solving the problem of capital precipitation, namely, respect for the personal property, and solved the precipitation and the funding gap, is undoubtedly a more wise choice.