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In fact, the history of human economic development as well, every time the arrival of the financial crisis, is economic power to adjust industrial structure, economic competitiveness through innovation. Since 2008, the developed economies in the controls to deal with the immediate crisis at the same time, introduced almost all focus on strategic emerging industry development strategy in the future.

The United States in 2009 issued the innovation strategy: to promote sustainable growth and provide good job opportunities, and reforming the U.S. manufacturing framework, the development of clean energy, biological engineering industry, aviation industry, electric cars, nano technology industries, such as smart grid industry; Britain also launched in 2009, building Britain's future plan, prepare in the low-carbon economy, biological industry, life sciences, digital economy in areas such as breakthrough, while Japan is proposed for Japan's new glory growth strategy, focus on developing environmentally friendly cars, electric cars, medical treatment and nursing, cultural tourism and solar power generation industry, one of the bric countries of India will also be information, biology and materials three areas as a priority development field, introduced the biotechnology industry partnership, Russia, South Korea and so on also put forward its own strategic emerging industry development strategy.

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