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Lunch meeting of 21 top investment Home, only two believe the economy will experience a recession, one of them is Mr Soros, other 19 investors remain about the future of the economy Optimistic. Because their optimism, soros more sure I see for a long time of economic crisis is looming, and, in order to avoid yourself Funds suffered heavy losses in the crisis, he chose the lunch after the meeting the day out, take over their own funds. The subsequent What everyone knows: on September 16, 2008, the collapse of lehman brothers, the global financial crisis. This year, two-thirds of the world's base Gold against catastrophic losses, but soros according to their own judgment, making his own fund not only avoid the assets significantly Shrink, and get as much as a 10% return, a miracle. I remember very clearly, in January 2008, soros in Britain's financial Times published an article on the shocking: the world will face the worst financial crisis in 60 years , this article did not, in fact Too many people seriously. It is just in line with soros's point of view, human too arrogant and ignorant. In 2008, the beauty of the Wall Street journal statistics The 42 top economists, the judgment of the year economic trends, 41 top economists to economic future is optimistic, about the outbreak The financial storm that likes ignorance, only one economists think the economy will decline. Soros's outspoken in his article points out: the The outbreak of the crisis will be over all the crisis since world war ii.