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it is very necessary @ These programs are clearly necessary, to take a comprehensive job responsibility of leading cadres, through certain procedures and exercise each position, it is very necessary. Especially for the mayor of a city, facing the complex work, transaction, in the present many contradictions need to solve the case, it is hard to imagine a work less than five years, to less than 10 months in the city of young people under the age of 30 how to deal with. For Zhou Senfeng, we can only see it as a special case, the personal ability may be strong, the rationality of the abnormality may be sufficient, all heroes from young, think that year, Chiang kai-shek term whampoa military academy President only 37; Professor Hu Shiren only 26 years old; Li siguang in geology department of Peking University only 31 years old, these are a special case of the successful break the routine of choose and employ persons. But, after all, an exception is a special case, it does not have widely according to the model significance. For Zhou Senfeng mayor, we would rather believe in his personal capacity, but as a phenomenon, apparently, does not have the value of promotion and universality. On the appointment of officials, emphasize the proper procedure is very important, indeed it is program determines the distinction between the rule of law and the arbitrary rule of man. This is especially true for appointment and removal of leading cadres, why should our qualifications for leadership to emphasize its experience, emphasize one step one step from the program, because such programs could stifle special talent, but at least can respect a person shall be carried out in accordance with the established system promotion efforts, do not destroy order to in the administrative areas of human endeavor, and fewer mistakes on the official appointment, don't burn out and the great leap forward, not formalism younger and abnormality is the image project of appointment. So for Zhou Senfeng, hope the media punches, gave him an environment, let him set his mind at to serve the people of yicheng city, rather than become the object of benchmarking or served. (southern metropolis daily) on June 30, Beijing chaoyang district 15 wide canal road after 97 rounds of bidding, and more than 3.81 billion clinch a deal the price after chongqing hon grace temple site, in 4.06 billion for the guangdong sinochem the hing company sold, become the since October 2007, the real estate market adjustment, the total price of the highest stakes. The results, is not expected to the outside world, but for a price of more than 4 billion, or a little shocked. So, in less than a week period of time, Beijing Wang Pinxian: