to deliver the belt to deliver the belt

Visible, in land prices and government taxes and fees is difficult to reduce, to increase the low price and the price of commercial housing in the hard to avoid is wishful thinking. The author's thought, the national development and reform commission proposal indeed has a positive meaning. But if the housing as a consumer, and allow people to get the low price of commercial housing, you must to the existing of rectifying a series of public policy on real estate: firstly, on the supply of land, can't use price aircrafts to recruit auction system, but should be based on the residents' income and consumption ability, replica versace belt with residents acceptable prices to fall on land price; Secondly, the credit policy, must be strictly controlled the second suite policy, strictly defined to improve housing conditions, curb real estate speculation; Third, should correctly define the border of government and market in the housing supply responsibility. No country in the world of the housing problem is addressed by the market, even in the United States marketization degree is high, the government on the residents' housing problem is still a great responsibility. Let people have a housing consumption, this means that if you will have to increase the responsibility of the government in the housing problem, in addition to providing affordable housing for low-income groups, should also be further benefit the sandwich layer. Only then, in the low price of the housing consumption does not become a bitter life illusion. On January 10, the state council issued notice about promote the healthy development of the real estate market stable. Notice is put forward including increase the supply of affordable housing, curb investment article 11 measures, such as speculative buying is called the eleven countries. Obviously, the purpose of article 11 is introduced in order to further consummate the real estate regulation policy measures, to deliver the determination and confidence in regulating the market, actually stabilize market expectations, inhibit investment and speculative buying, curb irrational rise in house prices, release the real estate bubble, make real estate real consumption and people's livelihood.