are in urgent are in urgent Monetary policy is likely to appear again on the right lamp, turn to the left of the out of control of the situation. In particular, in fact, Versace Belt currency is not short, not only the total supply and total still loose. At present, despite the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, private lending rates are high, the demand of funds, but from the viewpoint of the money stock, is still a lot of water in the pool. Broad money M2 balances amounted to more than $810000, M2 and the proportion of GDP remains at about 2. Overall is much water in the pool. It's a paradox, on the one hand, excess liquidity, inflation and asset price bubbles, on the other hand, one of the key construction projects to continue funding and small and medium-sized enterprises are in great river no water to drink. And this unsupported distorted reality, it is decided by our distorted financial system. By loosening monetary, by lower the deposit reserve can't fundamentally solved. Years of practice has proved that the main financing way of small and medium-sized enterprises is not the formal financial institutions. Even in the first two years, too loose to small and medium-sized enterprise credit accounted for the proportion of total credit is less than 10%. And he said, even if the loosening of monetary, money will not flow to small and medium-sized enterprises are in urgent need of money.