replica designer belts but the ink was clear

replica designer belts but the ink was clear If you trust me so much, I will give you a break this time, and turn your head over to see Designer Belt, turn around and pick up the fart.
Hey! This tsundere kid!
Dear passengers, everybody is good, at that moment, the ship suddenly sounded a man, with a somewhat disdainful and parody, we are the residual blood interstellar pirate, now the ship is under our control, hope everybody can darling and our cooperation, otherwise......
The remaining words are not finished, but the thick threat is self-evident.
Smell words, Designer Belt face suddenly change! It was only when the cabin shook, that it was attacked by the pirates.
The bloody pirates?
Never heard of this name in the beginning of ink, take out the terminal want to inquire, but found that there is no access to the Internet, the estimate is they use the equipment to block?
The early ink did not know they were strong, replica designer belts but the ink was clear.
The bloody pirate regiment was famous throughout the union.